Bernice King Announces That She’s Disassociating from Her Brothers

Bernice King Announces That She’s Disassociating from Her Brothers

The rift amongst the children of Martin Luther King Jr. continues to widen. A day after issuing astatement announcing that her brothers Dexter Scott King and Martin Luther King III are suing her, sister Bernice King held a press conference at Atlanta’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church saying that she is disassociating herself from her brothers.

Surrounded by cousins, preachers and civil rights workers, Bernice King told media members gathered at the press conference to “refrain from grouping me with my brothers.”

“I am not my brothers,” she added. “I do love them, but we are different people and that should be respected. I love them dearly. I love Martin and Dexter, but we are different people, with different minds and different ideologies and most importantly, different relationship with God.”

As we reported this week, Dexter Scott King and Martin Luther King III are suing sister Bernice for the rights to many of Dr. King’s most prized possessions, including King’s personal Bible that President Obama was sworn into office with and Dr. King’s Nobel Peace Prize.

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