This week, KHVN’s Jr DJ of the Week is Darren Curtis.


This week, KHVN’s Jr DJ of the Week is Darren Curtis. Darren is a 7th grade student at Focus Learning Academy in Dallas, TX. He likes to play the drums at church, he enjoys reading, plays basketball, and loves video games.

Darren is almost always on the A-B honor roll. He’s received several certificates of achievement for his excellent grades. He won 1st place in the district wide chest match in 2009 for his grade level. Darren has a lot of wisdom for his age and he utilizes that wisdom. He works hard and tries his best at most of the things he’s given to do. Some of his characteristic are the he’s very dependable, honest, helpful, and pleasant.

Darren is a proud member of the Macedonia Baptist Church in Ferris, TX.

He was nominated by his proud parents, and we are excited to honor him as KHVN’s Jr DJ of the week.

Tune in Friday, October 18th for the Praise Drive with Carmina Barnett where Darren will be the special guest.

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