Tyler Perry Helps Single Mother Avoid Eviction

Tyler Perry Helps Single Mother Avoid Eviction

by Sherry Mackey

Tyler Perry turned on the news in  Atlanta and saw the plight of a single mom and jumped in to help. Xernna Nieves and her son, John Williams, who suffers from aplastic anemia had just returned from a Make a Wish Foundation visit to see NBA player Derrick Rose, and found an eviction notice on the door.

Aplastic anemia is a potentially fatal condition that causes the bone marrow not to make enough blood cells. The Make-A-Wish foundation provided transportation, meals and hotel so that 16-year-old Williams could meet his favorite celebrity. Williams has already had two bone marrow transplants and his illness made it difficult for Nieves to find work after losing her job in 2012.

A single mother of four, Nieves says she gets no child support and admits that she’s had prior problems paying the rent but that the landlord has worked with her in the past. This time, they were apparently fed up and an eviction was scheduled for Tuesday.

Perry offered to pay Nieves’ rent for a full year. Perry reached out to the management company personally and the apartment manager will accept Perry’s offer and allow the family to remain in their home. Tyler Perry apparently went and paid the rent himself. He says his offer was freely given and he expects nothing from the Nieves family.
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