The restoration of a mega Church in Atlanta!

The restoration of a mega Church in Atlanta!


If you are from Atlanta, have lived in Atlanta more than 10 years or frequented Atlanta you have heard the name Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. In the 90’s it was one of the most booming ministries in the city. They were known for hosting all of the major Christian events, Preachers, Gospel Artist, Christian School, Basketball games, you name it. I attended events on many occasions and the lines were around the building, the house would be packed to full capacity.

I attended funerals for politicians, celebrities such as Left Eye from the R&B group TLC and many others. It was just all that! The campus was eye soaring! One of the most beautiful ministry campuses I had ever seen! Many in the city would drive by at night just to adore the beauty and sacredness of the property.

Well, a dark cloud hit the ministry and things drastically changed. The facility sat in a dry place for several years with many wondering if it would ever be restored. There were rumors abroad of who would or could purchase this property. Then out of nowhere, at least to the public we heard the facility had been purchased by Greater Traveler’s Rest.

The city was familiar with this ministry as well given the talk was about this new, young radical Preacher (Pastor E. Dewey Smith) that had come and brought something new to what was known as a very traditional church. The city just didn’t know what to expect! The name Cathedral of the Holy Spirit was branded in our heads given this church seats 7000 and owned more than 20 acres of land!

Well, here we are 5 years later and to see the beauty of how GOD has restored this temple and it is now being used once again to win souls for Christ in a huge way! The new name, “The Hope Cathedral” and its Senior Pastor Dr. E. Dewey Smith are making major Kingdom moves for the City of Atlanta and the world! God bless this ministry, the Leader and the team that’s helping to make it all possible.






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