NBA Star Jeremy Lin Shares What God Has Been Putting On His Heart

NBA Star Jeremy Lin Shares What God Has Been Putting On His Heart

Jeremy Lin in 2012 made headlines when he was on the New York Knicks. He instantly became a phenomenon and fans ended up coining the term “Linsanity” after him.

Lin has always been open about his religion and recently spoke about what God has been putting on his heart. According to the Gospel Herald, Lin who is now the Atlanta Hawks point guard has been wanting to get closer to God.

He said, “I feel God has been really pushing my heart to become more and more DESPERATE for Him. Honestly, in my opinion, the more desperate and helpless I am, the more space I give God to work through me.”

Over time, Lin has been challenged to trust in God more instead of just focusing on what he feels he should do.

Lin said, “But this concept of being so so desperate for God every day and leaning not on my own understanding (or talents, or habits, or ‘normal’ ways of doing things) has been something I’ve been focusing on. As a result, I’ve been challenging myself to delve more deeply into worship, praise and prayer.”

His routine has changed and during the day he not only prays about different things that come up in his life, but writes in his prayer journal.

Some small habits Lin said he’s adopted include finding time in the morning to pray gratitude for a few things, pushing himself to pray whenever anything comes up in his daily life, and getting back to using his prayer journal more consistently.

Lin has also shared the Gospel with several people in his life and it has been an amazing opportunity.

He said, “So prayer that these relationships would flourish and that at the end, both me and my friends would have found a deeper joy for Scripture and deeper sanctification in our lives.”

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter