Mary Mary ending their Reality Show after the Sixth Season

Mary Mary ending their Reality Show after the Sixth Season

Mary Mary, the gospel music duo consisting of sisters Erica and Tina Campbell, are saying goodbye to reality television as they gear up for the final season of their hit WE tv series, “Mary Mary.”

For the last five years, the sisters have showcased their faith, struggles and families on the series that began in 2012. Now approaching its sixth season, WE tv has announced that the final season will premiere on Sept. 28.

Tina has been transparent on the show about things like overcoming infidelities in her marriage and insists she’s grateful for the platform.

“I’m so grateful to have shared the last several years of my life, personally and professionally, with all of the supporters of the viewers of our reality show. We’ve written and recorded songs together, we’ve released albums together, we’ve been pregnant together, we’ve had babies on the show — we’ve had the worst of times in our families and have had the best of times with our family,” Tina said. “You’ve watch our children grow up. Heck, you’ve watched Erica and I and the rest of our family grow up over these years.”

As for her sister, Erica, the singer and radio host said she’s excited about completing her reality television series this fall.

“We have been so proud to share our music and our lives with WE tv viewers and fans for the past five seasons,” said Erica. “We are grateful to our fans for going with us on this journey, from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, we can’t wait to return this fall to complete this part of our story.”

According to WE tv, Nielsen data for the fifth season of “Mary Mary” had 12.7 million viewers and was the No. 1 cable program in its time slot for African-American women 25–54. Lauren Gellert, the executive vice president of development and programming for WE tv, spoke about the Campbell sisters helping the network’s success.

“It’s been a privilege to chronicle the lives of gospel superstars Erica and Tina Campbell, better known as Mary Mary, who are truly rocks stars who rock everything they do, from family life to their wildly successful music careers,” Gellert said. “‘Mary Mary’ is a big part of why WE tv is a No. 1 cable network for African-American adults and women on Thursday nights and we are proud to have been the television home to these inspirational women for six amazing seasons.”

While “Mary Mary” has been filled with a lot of positive moments, Tina previously spoke about why their show also focuses on a great deal of drama.

“TV loves those heated moments. When you have a reality show and they’re following you, they catch all those heated moments and TV loves those heated moments more than they love those other moments,” Campbell previously told Fox LA. “Life happens and it’s not always easy and it’s not always perfect. And again, the TV likes to show a lot of the craziness.”

The sixth and final season will air at 9 p.m. ET/PT on WE tv starting Sept. 28.


Source: The Christian Post/ Christine Thomasos