Harold Ivory Williams Remembered as a Gentle Bishop With a Strong Faith

Harold Ivory Williams Remembered as a Gentle Bishop With a Strong Faith

Bishop Harold Ivory Williams, who led Mount Calvary Holy Church in Winston-Salem for 28 years while also leading the denomination to national and international growth, died Friday evening at the age of 93, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

Those who knew and worked with him said he was a gentle with a strong faith, someone who had the gift of developing leadership in others as well.

His friends knew that his health had declined but were still shocked and saddened at his passing.

“His presence and wisdom have been a support throughout my adult life, said Bishop Tejado Hanchell, the current senior pastor of Mount Calvary. “He is a much-beloved figure. It leaves a gaping hole in my life. He has been a rock that I have always had.”

Williams was born in 1921 in Denton, Md. He spent his early life in Baltimore, and led churches in Baltimore and in Washington before accepting the role as pastor of Mount Calvary here.

Williams had worked as a piano tuner in Baltimore and kept that job in those early years while traveling constantly back and forth to Winston-Salem. Elder Catherine France, a lifelong member of Mount Calvary here, said Williams drove to Winston-Salem not only for Sunday services but for mid-week bible study too.

“He would come down and live in one of the homes of our members,” she said. “That was a lot of driving, but he would make the trip because he was concerned about the people of God.”

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