Donnie McClurkin Disappointed in ‘Preachers of LA’ for Lack of Faith

Donnie McClurkin Disappointed in ‘Preachers of LA’ for Lack of Faith

*Donnie McClurkin is disappointed in “Preachers of LA.”

When asked about reality shows focused on Christians, he praised Mary Mary‘s show.

But for the reality show focused on preachers, he doesn’t see how the show encourages faith in pastors.

“I’ve got many different thoughts on that. One of the main ones is

‘Mary Mary.’ It’s really positive because they never accentuate any of the real voyeuristic sides,” he said.

He continued with talking about “Mary Mary.”

“They deal with real life, how they function as a family and how they function as individuals. They deal with the hurt of what the family went through with the loss of the father and they keep it positive.”

But his words on the preachers’ show wasn’t happy at all — saying the show doesn’t encourage folks to believe in what preachers do.

“As far as the ‘Preachers of L.A.’ – it’s not always beneficial for us to show the underbelly of our lives when so many people want us to lead them into spiritual wholeness and bring them into a positive place with God,” he said.

Deitrick Haddon‘s dirty laundry hit the fan last year. He married his mistress and starred on the show.

But McClurkin doesn’t want to see preachers’ dirty laundry on the reality TV.

“It’s not always good to be seen in such a negative light.”

McClurkin, a preacher himself, wants to see preachers in a positive light if featured on reality TV, although he’s well aware of preachers living in sin like anyone else.

“That’s the unfortunate part of ‘Preachers of L.A’ … I don’t want a doctor with dirty hands operating on me. Just like I don’t want a preacher with a broken and dirty life preaching to me.”